Design AssistanceWhether it’s improving an existing product or working with a client on an entirely new piece, Federal Tool & Engineering works with each client to find the best method of manufacture with the highest quality and lowest cost.

Let us know what you need – a fresh set of eyes, a base design, special tooling – and we’ll provide a roadmap from getting from a final design to a finished product.

Part Design:  Designing from scratch or improving an existing product or method of manufacture is where Federal Tool & Engineering’s experience, expertise and dedication to quality and innovation really makes an impact. Have a new part or need modifications? Contact us today.

Tool Design: Federal Tool & Engineering is truly a one-stop supplier for all of your metal components and assemblies. With a complete in-house capability to design and build all tooling, fixtures, and attribute gaging, FTE keeps entry costs low and response time to a minimum. And because we control tool design and tool build, we are able to work effectively with metals that are difficult to work with. Whether a simple blank or, a complex progressive die with in-die component insertion, FTE will effectively support your needs.

Fixture Design: The correct fixturing plays a key role in the manufacturing process and quality of the final product. Not only can Federal Tool help determine the best tooling for your application, we can also design new tooling to fit each product’s distinct specifications.

Design for Manufacturing: We can look at a product and help determine the best method of manufacturing to deliver the highest quality at the best price. Through thorough evaluation, product design, tooling, fixtures and other items can be tweaked resulting in the optimum manufacturing process and finished product.