CB Mounting Bracket Redesign

The CB Mounting Bracket is used in securing heating cables to the exterior of a commercial foodservice oven. Based on the size of the oven, either a single, double or triple hole version of the Mounting Bracket is used to secure the heating cables.

Before the Design and Process Change: Each of the three brackets were made independently. The base process was:

1st operation: pierce and blank the parts out of flat sheet stock on a turret press or laser
2nd operation: bend a single flange on a press brake
3rd operation: tumble deburr the parts
4th operation: spot weld one to three purchased tabs on to each bracket

Total process time was 34 – 48 seconds per part (dependent on single, double or, triple hole version). This equated to a typical 2,000 piece run taking up to 26 hours to process. On an annual volume of 45,000 pieces, the annual process time exceeded 550 hours. Additional concerns surrounded the storage, management, and procurement of 3 different skus plus the “tabs” that were welded to each bracket.

After the Design and Process Change: A single part is produced using a progressive die. The part is produced as a triple hole version with the ability to split the part into a single hole and a double hole bracket. The new process is:

1st operation: produce part complete from coil on a single out progressive die. The bracket is coined in the tool to prevent any sharp edges.

Total process time has been reduced to 5 – 6 seconds per part (dependent on whether the triple hole version is split into a single hole and a double hole. This equates to a typical 2,000 piece run taking up to 4 hours to produce. An annual reduction in processing time of 460 hours. Additional benefits of the design and process change:

  • Lead time reduction from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
  • Crimping of wire is simplified
  • Reduction from 4 to 1 sku
  • Simplified purchasing management
  • Reduced cash tied to inventory
  • Faster assembly
  • Increased capacity
  • Annual estimated all-in savings of $155,000.00

Additional Information:

  • Press 165 ton Aida
  • 8 Station Progressive Die
  • Material 304-2B Stainless Steel
  • 45,000 pieces annually
  • $155,000 annual savings
  • 460 hour reduction in annual processing hours
  • Reduction from 4 parts to 1