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Q: What are your stamping capabilities?
A: We offer stamping to 165 tons, laser to .750″ thick, and forming to .375″ thick

Q: Are you a lean manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are certified ISO 9001

Q:  What is Pulse Mode?  
It’s the intermittant surging of laser cutting power action. You may want to view our industry Common Terms and Definitions for other terms

Q: What materials do you work with daily?
A: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum and Brass

Q: In a nutshell, what do you mean by full service?
A: Federal Tool & Engineering is a total “design to build” metal stamping, fabricating, welding and assembly company. We specialize in difficult applications requiring critical tolerance and/or surface finish requirements.

Q: What type of welding do you do?
A: MIG/TIG, Resistance, Robotic, and Manual

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