Material Characteristics Effect Outcomes

At Federal Tool & Engineering we understand the unique challenges of working with metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Through our processes, quality controls and experience, we are able to anticipate manufacturing steps that could cause or accelerate corrosion… or other potential issues. We proactively find solutions before work starts.

Since each material has its own intrinsic characteristics, analysis begins with knowing the desired outcome — from how the part is to work, to where it will work. Customer performance guarantees are taken into consideration. Only then can we formulate our recommendation for the most cost effective and efficient solution.

Our analysis process is a win-win situation…

By anticipating material characteristics as a whole within the continuum of manufacturing to the final product, FTE consistently delivers a product. Customers can then maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

The same process is applied to projects requiring special finishes. It’s a challenge and one we embrace. At FTE we work collaboratively with our clients on each new piece to determine exact production steps. The process ensures a completed product that meets customer specifications and requirements, while often exceeding their expectations.

We invite you to learn more about our analysis process. Discover how FTE reviews a project to discern if material characteristics are effecting quality control or efficiency.