The Art of Welding

While others may understand the process and be aware of some of the variables, at Federal Tool & Engineering we weld daily… and we do it very well. It’s an art. Our knowledge and experience have a demonstrated long track record of positive outcomes.

From functional to highly decorative applications, FTE is equipped to tackle some of the most challenging welding applications.

Whether it’s aluminum, brass, or either carbon or stainless steel, at FTE we weld both robotically and manually. Our approaches to welding are as numerous as there are multiple variables in play.

Experience has taught us many things…

It’s always best to bring the supplier in at the beginning of the design process as often the weld type and size are typically over specified. This simple step alone dramatically decreases a part or component’s expense.

Taking the time upfront to review part and assembly designs has earned FTE lifetime customer relationships. It is not unusual for FTE to surface an opportunity to redesign into fewer components and/or suggest alternate bonding methods.

Let us put our track record of welding success and experience to work for you. Contact us to discuss your next welding project.