Nearly a Century in Perfecting Capabilities

Since its origin, Federal Tool & Engineering has constantly worked to improve and perfect our processes in metal stamping, fabricating, weldment and assembly. Our clients challenge us to provide the best equipment and processes, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

As a full service “design to build” metal stamping, fabricating, welding and assembly company, we specialize in difficult applications requiring critical tolerance and/or surface finish requirements. The challenge of working in stainless steel has been met at FTE with the same level of high outcome as our products in either Aluminum, Brass or Carbon Steel. We are proud of our accomplishments.

We offer stamping, laser, and forming

Stamping to 275 tons, laser to .750" thick, and forming to .375" thick

At FTE you can expect low cost and rapid response from prototype through production. Tool design and tool making ability are both in-house. Combine it with our diverse capabilities and it will be evident why FTE holds a unique position among its peers — especially in short to medium run fabrication and metal stamping.

We offer stamping to 275 tons, laser to .750″ thick, and forming to .375″ thick. Complementing our metal forming and cutting capabilities, is the ability to weld aluminum, and stainless or carbon steel.

Let us put our track record of success in design and engineering to work for you. Contact us to discuss your next product improvement idea, new product concept or existing part. We invite you to discover the FTE difference.