Engineering with Purpose

While many customers come to Federal Tool & Engineering with specific requirements for the parts and products they need, some approach us with a product improvement plan or an idea for a brand new product.

It’s a challenge we embrace … and excel at.

Whether it’s to improve an already existing part or to design and engineer an idea, at FTE we have the resources and experience to make it a reality. Simply put, it’s where the “Engineering” part of our name comes into play.

The process begins by collaborating with our customers to understand every nuance of the project. Then the FTE Design and Engineering team, following ASQ and ISO standards, prepares a plan to accomplish the project’s goals.

A Case in Point …

Faced with assemblies not capable of meeting “load” requirements, a prominent manufacturer of law enforcement handcuffs, turned to Federal Tool & Engineering for assistance. The FTE engineering team calculated design and physical characteristics to improve load capability from a negative 10% factor to one more than double the requirement.

Let us put our track record of success in design and engineering to work for you. Contact us to discuss your next product improvement idea or new product concept.