Stamping When Volume Demands

When is a project best suited for progressive or compound tooling? At what point do you invest in hard tooling?

The metal stamping professionals at Federal Tool & Engineering offer recommendations and share guidelines for when the economics demand one choice versus another.

Quite frankly, FTE’s metal stamping capabilities are unparalleled. It’s where our roots took hold nearly a hundred years ago.

Whether a Commercial or high end Decorative Surface Finish is needed — in either Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel — FTE is prepared to surpass successful outcome expectations. Metal stamping tonnage is 40 tons to 275 tons, with:

  • Material Thickness from .020″ to .375″
  • Blank Size to 24″ X 100″
  • Ultra Quick Die Change
  • In-Die Insertion and Detection

Metal stamping at FTE is strongly complemented by our fabrication capabilities. Often production quantities start at a level not high enough to justify hard tooling. FTE offers the perfect solution…

Begin with a no/low cost start-up through fabrication methods and then do a switch to hard tooling when volumes mature. Seamless production. All with the same supplier, at the same facility. FTE makes it an easy transition.

Let us put our metal stamping legacy to work for you. Contact us to discuss your next project or to ask a question of our metal stamping professionals.