Embracing Quality Every Step of the Way

There are three main pillars which stand behind everything we do at Federal Tool & Engineering.

Rapid Response — Engineering Support — Continual Improvement

It’s how we do it that motivates the FTE team and delivers to them a dynamic satisfaction. The positive attitude and motivation are infused in the culture. We operate with ethics, integrity and an infectious enthusiasm to make it happen. The processes are in place and the FTE team embraces the possibilities of every opportunity, every project — no matter the size.

Cases in point …

Rapid Response: A plastic injection molding company was faced with shutting down a Toyota SUV production line due to a delayed delivery from a Chinese supplier. One week before shutdown, the Toyota seating division contacted Federal Tool & Engineering for immediate help. Within four days, FTE designed and built a combination of hard and soft tooling, acquired raw material, ran production, and delivered product. Not only did FTE keep the Toyota production line up and running, but also delivered parts that were dimensionally superior to the Chinese competitor.

Engineering Support: Faced with assemblies not capable of meeting “load” requirements, a prominent manufacturer of law enforcement handcuffs turned to FTE for assistance. Our in-house engineering team calculated design and physical characteristics to improve load capability from a negative 10% factor to enabling the cuffs to withstand a load more than double the requirement.

Continual Improvement: In an environment of increasing raw material prices, it is often a challenge to generate meaningful cost savings. That’s what a leading manufacturer of decorative plumbing fixtures thought before FTE analyzed the multiple operation production tooling and recommended reducing operations from five independent steps to three. The result generated nearly a 10% cost savings and a payback on tool modifications of 7 months.

Experience the culture yourself. Schedule a tour. We invite you to engage FTE on your next project or RFQ.